Y is for… Yellow Stickies

A firm favourite, the Yellow Stickies tend to get pulled out at workshops as a way of capturing opinion from the assembled workshopees.

While workshops, if they are run properly, are a good thing, the widespread use of the yelow sticky as a means for “getting all the issues out in the open” or “having a stab prioritising the workload” is often badly over/mis-used by people that don’t know how to run a workshop properly.

How many times have you seen the “facilitator” scurrying away after the meeting, with a huge pile of flipchart sheets covered in stickies rolled under his arm. Odds-on that’s the last you will see of them.

Yellow Stickies in a workshop is an example of a Horses for Courses item; if you cant use it effectively, then don’t use it.

** You know what Yellow Stickies are. The A-Z isn’t sponsored, so wouldn’t want to fall foul of promoting a particular brand, like Post-It from 3M, do we now?

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