X is for… Xanadu

At the beginning of your project, when nothing’s really happened and you have a vast pot of cash to spend, you can be excused for thinking that you’ve fallen into something Samuel Tayor Coleridge novel depiction of the opulence of Xanadu.

Just remember the money has to do you for the duration of the project, not just to buy toys for the project geeks to play with.

Also, this is a time to watch out for other projects, which are starting to feel cash-strapped, coming to you and asking you to fund something for them. You know, “I’ve been told I need to get some licenses, and we didn’t include them in the budget, could you..”, or, “We’ve got this resource, he’s quite expensive, but he could do some work for you too, as long as you don’t mind footing the bill.”, etc.

It’s time to double-check your sums and put away your slush-fund, because you’re in this for the long-haul.

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