V is for… Victory

So, you’re at the end of your project and it’s finally gone live and, best of all, it’s working! Well done you, it’s a good feeling isn’t it?

You’ll probably have a bit of a euphoric feeling. Like some other analogies in this guide, it’s a bit like winning a battle against all the odds, despite other people and projects. Yes, it is a victorious time; lap it up, the next one is undoubtedly just around the corner. Maybe, like the Red Baron, you can slap a little silhouette on the side of your metaphorical triplane; another one down, now who’s next?

Ensure you remember it wasn’t just you that made this a success. Make a point of thanking your people, your team, they need to know you are grateful for all the hard work they have undoubtedly put in. Take the time to thank them personally because then they know you appreciated their contribution and that you’re not all taking the credit for the success yourself. It will also make it easier when the time comes to recruit a team for your next project; people who feel appreciated will want to work for you again.

This is also a good time to position yourself, with those who have influence, as the go-to guy/gal if you want your projects delivered successfully. that way, you should hopefully have more choice on your next assignment, or maybe just that they will listen more carefully when you make your demands at project start-up time.

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