U is for… Upscope

As an aternative to the Scoping Sword, there is another technique that can be used to protentially bring benefit to you as a Project Manager or your project, it’s called Upscoping.

Upscoping is a method whereby you actually expand the scope of your project to take in additional deliverables, functions, teams or even other projects.

While this may on the surface of it sound like a bad thing, it can often be made to work in your favour, not least by giving you negotiating room.

You can perhaps use it to get an increase in your budget and/or timescales to take account of your new responsibilities and scope.

You can also take advantage of some potential economies of scale, where you may already be delivering something similar, or on similar technologies. And sometimes you can use it as a means to get some key resources onto your project.

Finally, you may have the opportunity to take responsibility for things, external to your scope, that may already be giving you problems. Particularly useful with third party suppliers that may be impacting your project. If you can make yourself responsible for them, you can manage them directly and thus exert more control over your destiny.

However, with this technique you need to be a little careful.¬†Always remember the wise words of the old shopkeeper, “With Mogwai comes much responsibility.”

If you make a land-grab, make sure you can deliver it.

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