J is for… Jettison

Your team are the single most import element in the success of your project. They equate to a lot of the eggs in your metaphorical project-basket. If you cannot rely on the individuals in your team to do their best for the cause, then you really need to consider whether they are suited to a… Continue reading J is for… Jettison

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S is for… Schedule Chicken

People, especially customers, forget the real definition of an estimate. Its an estimate. Not a guarantee. But because they forget this they are generally unhappy if a delivery is going to be ‘late’. And with lateness comes blame. And, good guys don’t get blamed. Its the arses fault. Good guys get out of this blame… Continue reading S is for… Schedule Chicken

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T is for… Tennis

Perhaps not always closely associated with Project Management, Tennis should never be far from your mind. It works like this. When a customer is waiting for something from you the ball is on your side of the net. This is bad but not disastrous. You don’t necessarily have to give them what they want to… Continue reading T is for… Tennis

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