U is for… Upscope

As an aternative to the Scoping Sword, there is another technique that can be used to protentially bring benefit to you as a Project Manager or your project, it’s called Upscoping. Upscoping is a method whereby you actually expand the scope of your project to take in additional deliverables, functions, teams or even other projects.… Continue reading U is for… Upscope

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S is for… Slow Play

One of the more advanced techniques covered in the A-Z, Slow Play is all about avoiding doing something you really don’t want to do. The term originates from the land of Poker, but can be applied to software delivery too. The technique centres around giving the impression you are doing a particular thing but taking… Continue reading S is for… Slow Play

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F is for… Forms

Here’s a game. You’ll like this. Listen carefully. In any organisation there are essentially two groups of people. People who know stuff. People who don’t really know all that much. In many, many cases the people who don’t know stuff try to find stuff out by getting the people who know stuff to fill in… Continue reading F is for… Forms

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M is for… MBWA

Management By Walking About (MBWA) is a much underrated mechanism to keep an eye on what is going on in your project. As things have evolved technically over the years is becomes all too easy to orchestrate, or attempt to orchestrate, your project form the comfort of your adjustable office-chair. Using eMail, Instant Messaging, Text… Continue reading M is for… MBWA

V is for… Vapourisation

Sometimes you are stuck with people on your project that you could, quite frankly, do without. They may just not be up to the job, or there may be something else they bring to the party that detracts from the team’s ability to deliver. This can happen for a number of different reasons; Perhaps you… Continue reading V is for… Vapourisation

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M is for… Marginalisation

Sometimes you get people on your project that are a danger to themselves, let alone anyone else or your project. On occasion, they are actually OK in terms of their knowledge of the subject matter, but you wouldn’t trust them to deliver newspapers. If this is the case, you may wish to assing them an… Continue reading M is for… Marginalisation

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B is for… Blamestorming

This term will likely be familiar to anyone that’s been on an IT project, it describes the point of sudden realisation that there is a problem on the project and a scapegoat is required. Really it shouldn’t work that way, people should undoubtedly be focussing on solving the problem and delivering the project, but these… Continue reading B is for… Blamestorming

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X is for… Xpectation Setting

OK, so it doesn’t actually start with an ‘X’, but there aren’t many words that do, so this is pretty much the best you’re going to get. This one can’t be stressed enough. If you are managing a project, delivering software, whatever, it means you have customers, or stakeholders, or perhaps both. These are the… Continue reading X is for… Xpectation Setting

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S is for… Scoping-Sword

Because of the single most important rule of delivering software projects – the Scoping Sword is not only a key weapon in your armoury, you must be skilled in how to use it effectively. Picture the scenario; you start off with a nicely planned and resourced project and everything is just swell, the sun is… Continue reading S is for… Scoping-Sword

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