Z is for… Zealot

Like the Evangelist, the Zealot can see no wrong in the particular cause they are thumping the tub for. No matter how obvious it may be to the people surrounding them, they will continue on their unending task of imparting their amazing breadth of knowledge on the subject to all and any that will listen.… Continue reading Z is for… Zealot

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C is for… Consultant

It’s no accident that a simple transposition turns this particular species into conslutant. Consultants are in it for the money; and the bigger the company providing the consultancy, the bigger the money. We have a healthy disrespect of consultants. Many of the big consultancies give this job title to their most junior staff. They then… Continue reading C is for… Consultant

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G is for… Good Guys

“You know, we always called each other goodfellas. Like you’d say to somebody: You’re gonna like this guy, he’s allright, he’s a goodfella, he’s one of us. You understand? We were Goodfellas, wiseguys.” Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) in “Goodfellas”directed by Martin Scorsese It’s simple; either you are a good-guy, or you’re not. Good-guys, or in… Continue reading G is for… Good Guys

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A is for… Arses

This is probably the most galling fact of all. You work in I.T. You have a right to expect that you share your working life with well-educated, well-trained, competent individuals. This is why you feel alone. This is why you get frustrated. What will free you from this hell is if you just accept that… Continue reading A is for… Arses

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