L is for… Lab Rat

The Lab Rat is the team member that scurries around from location to location looking for morsels of cheese. Sorry, information. You’ll find them hanging out at the desks of their pals, next to the coffee machine, or out at the smoking area, even when they don’t smoke. They’re not really that keen in doing… Continue reading L is for… Lab Rat

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J is for… Jargonaut

Have you been in a meeting and someone starts using buzzwords when they speak? Do they use them repeatedly, even stringing them together to draw attention to their awareness? Do they use them out of context? If so, you may be in the presence of a Jargonaut. These guys fiegn knowledge of a subject by… Continue reading J is for… Jargonaut

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G is for… Grunt

Not everyone can be a star, and there are many people who do just fine not being a star. They don’t crave the limelight, they don’t particularly want the attention, they just do a good, solid job and are happy that you thank them for doing just that. These kind of people are essentially your… Continue reading G is for… Grunt

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R is for… Railroader

The railroader is the kind of person that will use his personality and blind determination to force his ideas through, regardless of other popular, or learned opinion. You’ll easily be able to classify a Railroader when you encounter one, they typically talk over other people, usually starting when the have a grasp of an idea… Continue reading R is for… Railroader

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H is for… Heroes

We’ve all seen them, the guys that work all hours, they are always first in and last to leave, they seem to always be in the thick of it, people are always waiting for them to do something before they can move on, they’re always on-call, if they’re not still on-shift. There’s no doubt that… Continue reading H is for… Heroes

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S is for… Sponge

The sponge is another example of a PM out of his depth trying to add value to his project. His project team will be telling this PM there are problems on the project, they will be sending him progress reports coloured in heavily in red felt-tip pen, they will be telling him things like, “We’re… Continue reading S is for… Sponge

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L is for… Lost Dog

Recognisable from the fact they move quietly from meeting to meeting, with their metaphorical tail between their legs, the Lost Dog generally has a doleful expression on their face. You’ll spot them as the person who always seems to be in all the meetings you go to, but rarely contributes much. Very much the antithesis… Continue reading L is for… Lost Dog

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E is for… Echo

It’s never nice to see someone struggle. But as we know, people who are struggling tend not to stay as quiet as they should. Not being able to contribute is one thing, but using up air-time for the sake of an apparent contribution is frankly a pain. Another facet of the Competency Mask is the… Continue reading E is for… Echo

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C is for… Channeller

Reading through the entries in this A-Z, you may form an opinion that the authors are a little harsh on project managers as a race.Obviously, we’re not saying that all managers are bad, but here are very many that drag everyone else down into a pit of despair. One such group of these managers are… Continue reading C is for… Channeller

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M is for… Marionette

You would probably always argue that a project will generally suffer if it has a hapless buffoon of a project manager. Strangely, this isn’t always the case. There is a particular type of hapless buffoon that knows he is out of his depth and is open to suggestion and instruction. A project that has a… Continue reading M is for… Marionette

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