A is for… Agile

First, let’s be clear – Agile is a software development methodology, it’s not a ‘save the world/software delivery panacea’, and in a lot of ways it’s really a collective re-badging of stuff that’s been around for ages. The Good Guys will recognise a lot of this before, but others will cling to it thinking it… Continue reading A is for… Agile

M is for… Methodologies

Methodologies are wonderful things, or so the people who invented them, or offer training or consultancy in them, would have you believe. Some have cool-sounding names: RAD, JAD, some try to sound important: PRINCE, or obscure: SDSM, SSADM, ITSL, some are just clubs: APM. They’re all basically the same concept, take a real world discipline… Continue reading M is for… Methodologies