T is for… Trust

There is a very well-worn phrase that tells how “all good managers delegate“. This is indeed true, but it doesn’t take the story far enough. In addition to delegation, you have to trust the person too. And that means, tell them what you want them to do, when you want it done by and then leaving them alone. If it isn’t going to happen, trust them to tell you as soon as they know.

The simple fact is, if you can’t trust them, if you need to hand-hold all the way then they are maybe a good candidate for a role re-alignment. After all, there isn’t any point having anyone in a professional environment that you can’t leave alone to complete a task.

Trust is also a key tool in people development. Generally inexperienced people are never too sure how good they are or what they are capable of. Your job as a manager is to understand their limit and to push them to it or just beyond. Trusting them them to get there.

Again, trust is not something that a fearful arse can do. Which is why people tend to hate working for them.

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