S is for… Slow Play

One of the more advanced techniques covered in the A-Z, Slow Play is all about avoiding doing something you really don’t want to do. The term originates from the land of Poker, but can be applied to software delivery too.

The technique centres around giving the impression you are doing a particular thing but taking so long to do it, you reach the point where there is no point in doing it any more.

Of course, the A-Z would never condone this kind of thing, but feels the need to alert the reader to the existence of this technique in the interests of science and, more importantly, to allow them to spot it when it is being used on them.

To do it right, you do need to put in some work in on the task in question, just enough work in fact, but taking your time so you run out of time to do it while demonstrating you tried.

Obviously you don’t want to get caught out doing this or you could end up looking a bit silly.

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