S is for… Scrum Half

Sometimes you might think that dealing with problems is hard. But you’d
be wrong. All you have to do is break it down into the three main
choices and work from there. Think of a Scrum Half in Rugby Union. He
receives the ball from the scrum and can do 1 of three things:

1. Deal with it himself
Tuck the ball under his arm and go for it. You always have that
choice. Deal with it yourself. Often easier but you have to consider
the possibility of a Hospital Pass.

2. Pass it on
The Scrum Half oftens chooses to release the ball to his Stand-Off.
This is often the simplest and quickest choice. Pass the problem on to
someone else. This is particularly useful if the problem you receive is
a bomb and you can get rid of it before it goes off in your hands.

3. Punt It
Take the ball and kick it as far down the field as you can. This may
only delay the problem coming back to you but it might buy you some
valuable breathing space.

Take the problem, look at these three options and take it from there.
But remember, you may only have a split second to choose before 20
stone of sweaty descends on you and crushes you.

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