S is for… Scoob

The working assuption here is that the reader has a Scoob** either generally or specifically. To deliver projects successfully, you need the people that have the Scoobs to help you.

If you’re on a project and there’s noone else with a Scoob, you’re in trouble.
If your management don’t have a Scoob, you’re in big trouble.
If there’s noone else you can turn to in the organisation that has a Scoob, better man the lifeboats.

Unfortunately you can’t go the the shops and buy a ‘Big Box of Scoobs’ to get you out of trouble, but you can do the PM Survival equivalent; find yourself some Good Guys and get them onto the project pdq.

** For the uninitiated, Scoob is short for Scooby Doo which, in turn, is rhyming slang for ‘clue’.
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