R is for… Rug

The world is an imperfect place. Projects more so. This needn’t always be bad news. Keep an eye out for things going wrong that aren’t your fault and lie outwith your control. They can be very useful, particularly if there are other things amiss that your are accountable for.

If you get a rug. Use it. Bury your bad stuff under it and carry on. It’s really very simple…

Yeah, we were on track but (someone else’s problem) happened and we couldn’t get our stuff completed.

They will come in many shapes and sizes. The obvious ones are usually infrastructure related, server death etc.

Using a rug is simply an opportunistic version of Schedule Chicken. Rather than taking a chance that someone else’s misfortune might benefit you. You simply pounce on the chance when you get it. It often makes sense to pounce on it when you aren’t directly impacted. No harm in building up some excuses.

Even if you don’t have any issues, get used to spotting rugs. Say to yourself “ooh, that’s a rug” when you see one. But not too loud. You don’t want people thinking you’re mad.

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