Q is for… Quiet

You would think that there won’t be many instances where silence can be your friend. But you’d be surprised. Sometimes you will feel the need to contribute “I’m in charge here, I should be saying something.” Most of the time you should fight this urge.

Admit it to yourself. There is an awful lot you don’t know about and are wholly unqualified to even speculate on, never mind actually contribute. On these occasions, don’t burble nonsense because of some misguided need to take part. You’ll just look like an arse. So shut it and listen. This isn’t about you and your ego, its about getting the problem solved.

You could always try and be useful and supportive. Try phrases like “You guys have this one covered, let me know if there is anything you need me to escalate.”

Just don’t say things like “Have you tried turning it off and on?” Its not helpful and your team will have a lower opinion of you based on an increasingly correct notion that you are an overpaid waste of oxygen.
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