S is for… Scrum Half

Sometimes you might think that dealing with problems is hard. But you’d be wrong. All you have to do is break it down into the three main choices and work from there. Think of a Scrum Half in Rugby Union. He receives the ball from the scrum and can do 1 of three things: 1.… Continue reading S is for… Scrum Half

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M is for… Methodologies

Methodologies are wonderful things, or so the people who invented them, or offer training or consultancy in them, would have you believe. Some have cool-sounding names: RAD, JAD, some try to sound important: PRINCE, or obscure: SDSM, SSADM, ITSL, some are just clubs: APM. They’re all basically the same concept, take a real world discipline… Continue reading M is for… Methodologies

A is for… Appraisal

At some point in the working life of every manager, you will be asked to make judgement on your subordinates. Luckily they will be usually given some form of performance review system to give structure to your meandering thoughts. The system will typically be based on objectives, competencies, performance against ‘vision’, that sort of thing.… Continue reading A is for… Appraisal

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C is for… Change Control

“Change Control is the Project Manager’s friend. It’s more than a friend, it’s your best friend. Without Change Control, your project is out of control.”Anon Here beginneth the simple lesson: At the start of your project, before you do anything else, create a Change Control Note. Make sure it contains ‘effort required’ and ‘cost’ sections.… Continue reading C is for… Change Control

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C is for… Consultant

It’s no accident that a simple transposition turns this particular species into conslutant. Consultants are in it for the money; and the bigger the company providing the consultancy, the bigger the money. We have a healthy disrespect of consultants. Many of the big consultancies give this job title to their most junior staff. They then… Continue reading C is for… Consultant

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A is for… Avoidance of Failure

The best way to avoid a project management disaster is not to get involved in the project at all. Learn to see the Turkeys coming and duck them with vigour. Do all you can to ensure that those projects are assigned to your less capable friends (see the test under Arses). This is not as… Continue reading A is for… Avoidance of Failure

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K is for… Kicking (getting)

As you go though your life in Software Project Management, you’d best learn how to take a kicking. For, as sure as eggs is eggs, you’re going to get a more than a few in your time. The thing to remember is not to worry about it, and never, EVER “go off with stress”. When… Continue reading K is for… Kicking (getting)

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E is for… Ego

Typically, if you’re working in IT as a Project Manager, you will have a group of individuals working for you. More likely you will have responsibility for a team of technical people working for you. Some of the clever ones will maybe even be a little challenging to manage and maybe even to look at.… Continue reading E is for… Ego

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I is for… Impossible

“The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.” Motto of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – World War IIIn IT, nothing is impossible, it just costs more. The bottom line is – will your customer or project sponsor pay for it? Few customers are actually creative enough in their thinking to… Continue reading I is for… Impossible

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G is for… Good Guys

“You know, we always called each other goodfellas. Like you’d say to somebody: You’re gonna like this guy, he’s allright, he’s a goodfella, he’s one of us. You understand? We were Goodfellas, wiseguys.” Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) in “Goodfellas”directed by Martin Scorsese It’s simple; either you are a good-guy, or you’re not. Good-guys, or in… Continue reading G is for… Good Guys

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