E is for… Expectations

When it is your job to deliver something, it pays to make sure the expectations are set correctly. Whether it is the time it will take, or the functionality that will be delivered, or the money it will cost, always make sure the expectations are set in your favour. Let’s consider expectation setting for your… Continue reading E is for… Expectations

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E is for… Excel

It’s such a useful thing that sometimes you can forget the inherent danger of Excel. Lets get one thing perfectly straight, putting a big pile of numbers into Excel and making them all add up doesn’t make it reality. It’s a real shame really because it can all look so nice, especially if you put… Continue reading E is for… Excel

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N is for… No

An important thing to remember, even when you are customer facing type of PM, is that one valid answer to a question is ‘No’. If you say ‘yes’ to every request, every desire, every whim of the customer, you will certainly have a happy customer… …for a while. But when it gets closer to the… Continue reading N is for… No

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I is for… it

Be vary wary of ‘it’. ‘it’ can be your friend but ‘it’ can also be your enemy. If a salesman says to you “I’ve sold it”, it’s an enemy, but if a customer says ‘when can I have it’, ‘it’ just might be your friend. ‘it’ is the simple embodiment of the perception gap that… Continue reading I is for… it

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A is for… Arses

This is probably the most galling fact of all. You work in I.T. You have a right to expect that you share your working life with well-educated, well-trained, competent individuals. This is why you feel alone. This is why you get frustrated. What will free you from this hell is if you just accept that… Continue reading A is for… Arses

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C is for … Common Sense

Bizarrely enough, contrary to what almost every IT training establishment and ‘Big Consultancy’ firm will try to tell you, Project Management is not difficult. You need a very basic set of skills: To be able to write, basic arithmetic, a rudimentary ability to interact with people. If you don’t have these basic capabilities, you should… Continue reading C is for … Common Sense

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B is for… Bluff

This is one of the key skills for a software Project Manager. Having the ace of spades in bluff up your sleeve means you don’t actually have to know everything about your project or, indeed, anything about anyone else’s. You only need to bluff enough to get you beyond the current situation, then you can… Continue reading B is for… Bluff

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