P is for… Pragmatism

As discussed previously, one of the most useful tools in the armoury of the Project Manager is common sense. This, coupled with a healthy dose of pragmatism will help you deliver projects that work.

Take a look at your project. No, not your Microsoft Project Plan, that’s not your project, that’s your plan. Take a look at the project, the objectives, the requirements, the timeline, the resources, the environment, the dependencies, the risks, the issues, the external factors, the team structure, all of these things. Now, ask yourself some questions: “is this the best way to do this?”, “is this the right way to do this?”, and the most important one, “will my project deliver?”

Just because the manual or somebody else in your organisation says you should to do it a certain way does not mean that is the right way for your project. Take the pragmatic view, do what needs to be done to deliver the project.

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