N is for… Nicknames

Nicknames aren’t anything new. Some people get them, some don’t. Some last for a while and die away, some stick for life. They can be derogatory, complimentary, used to the person’s face or just behind their back, but very, very rarely, are they planned.

Here’s the deal, everyone should have a nickname that is known within the inner circle of trusted friends. This isn’t just for colleagues, it can be for customers, suppliers, whoever. The point is that it is very useful to be able to talk about people with other people, including the individuals themselves, having no idea who you are on about.

The important thing is that the nicknames can’t be obvious. You can’t call John Smith ‘Smithy‘ or ‘Bitter‘. By way of example, you could call him ‘Garlic‘. See, you have no idea how I came up with that, but there is method to it. Its all about additional degrees of separation.

Above all, nicknames can make every conversation more fun, which is very important.

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