N is for… Nepotism

We all know it happens. Someone gets a job then gets his/her mates a job. And we all know it isn’t always a positive thing. Friendship blinding reason, people promoted above their ability or nowhere near their area of expertise. It happens and, to be honest, their ain’t much you are going to do about that.

There is, however, a more positive side to this. There are a large number of good guys who tend to get overlooked for bigger and better jobs because they are too busy getting everyone else out of the mire. Sometimes they can be hauled out of this by their good guy friends/peers and put in a position of more importance and, crucially, more influence. The higher up in an organisation you can place a good guy there better everything around him goes.

You can have a massive impact by using this kind of of positive nepotism. Get the real talent in its right place.

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