M is for… Mean Value Coefficient

As regular readers will observe, there is much discussion on the central concept of arses and good guys. Some may find this a somewhat vague concept. So, to bring this to life a little, we will introduce the concept of the Mean Value Coefficient.

This is being done for a few reasons:

  • the concept will be used in forthcoming posts, there’s a whole theory to come
  • it is an extension of the nickname concept
  • you just can’t beat a bit of pseudo-science

The concept is very simple:

  1. An individual with an Mean Value Coefficient of 1 has a neutral impact on your project, makes it neither better or worse.
  2. An individual with a coefficient less than 1 has an overall detrimental impact on your project (an arse). The smaller the coefficient, the worse they are.
  3. An individual with a coefficient greater than has improves your project (a good guy). The higher the coefficient, the better they are.

This has a very important use. You can simply refer to people as “MVC 0.5” and only those in the know will know what you are on about. This is sometimes safer than the more traditional “he’s an arse” when you don’t know who might be listening. Generally, people who don’t know what MVC is will be to embarassed to ask. Its also particularly sneaky as MVC means something else too.

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