L is for… Lame Excuses

While you may find some interesting techniques in the A-Z that will help you navigate through the stormy waters of Software Delivery, be careful not to flounder on the rocks of the Island of Lame Excuses.

Always remember, first and foremost that you, as the Project Manager, are wholly responsible for the delivery of the project. It’s up to you to mobilise the resources, plan accordingly and steer your project carefully to the Land of Success.

Never, ever resort to, “A big boy did it and ran away”, or somesuch nonsense. Poeple will not react kindly to that kind of excuse and will almost certainly think less of you and your delivery ability.

If you have made a mistake, judgement of error, or otherwise hit upon a problem, then stand up and admit it. Take your kicking and move on; consider it an educational exercise, and make sure you put the necessary things in place to afoid falling over that particular problem in the future.

One thing though: Before you admit the problem and take your kicking, best to have the solution to the problem already implemented or, at least, up your sleeve. Otherwise you’ll look a real idiot.

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