K is for… Kicking (giving)

As mentioned previously, there are times in your career where you will, sometimes through no fault of your own, be on the receiving end of a kicking.

Conversely, there will be times when you find yourself in the position of being able to give one out.

This will be a true test of your mettle in terms of the kind of Project Manager you choose to be. Are you going to be the kind that turns into a Tazmanian devil and rips up the furniture in a blur, leaving everything in your wake destroyed, and a lasting impression?

Perhaps that’s not the best way to gain the respect of your peers and team, after all you likely need to work with these people again, don’t you?

Sometimes the more subtle approach is called for. Besides, if you’ve hand-picked your team and taught them well in the ways of software delivery, then they probably know that they deserve a kicking and will be beating themselves up enough about it. Perhaps a quiet word will be sufficient to steer the ship back on course.

In any case, just remember; what goes around comes around, and your next kicking may not be too far off.

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