K is for… Kicking (getting)

As you go though your life in Software Project Management, you’d best learn how to take a kicking. For, as sure as eggs is eggs, you’re going to get a more than a few in your time. The thing to remember is not to worry about it, and never, EVER “go off with stress”.

When a kicking is heading your way, find the biggest technical manual in the office, stuff it down the back of your trousers, bend over and brace yourself. Above all, remember the wise words of Boris Becker after losing at Wimbledon: “I only lost a game of tennis, nobody died”.

Probably best not to use this phrase out loud during the kicking but keep it in mind throughout.

As your experience grows, your ability to see them coming will improve and you will be able to better prepare yourself for them.

The bottom line is, take it like a man, your time will come.

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