J is for… Jargonaut

Have you been in a meeting and someone starts using buzzwords when they speak?
Do they use them repeatedly, even stringing them together to draw attention to their awareness?
Do they use them out of context?

If so, you may be in the presence of a Jargonaut. These guys fiegn knowledge of a subject by using jargon, often with amusing affect when in the presence of people who actually understand the context of the terms.

In days gone by, they would perhaps be “leveraging the synergies of a holistic cross-platform collaborative approach”. But they’re getting much more subtle now. So watch out for some of these things:

You’ll hear new age Jargonauts:

  • “Talking to a presentation”
  • “Working in the Enterprise space

Granted, some of these are always going to creep into general conversation, so don’t jump to conclusions. But if someone does this more than once, or in quick succession, you should be raising an eyebrow. If they use them constantly, you know you really are in the presence of brilliance.

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