H is for… Horses for Courses

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of tools, templates, strategies, techniques, approaches and methodologies out there. There are lots of really good ones, in fact most of them probably are, or at least were great at what they were developed to do at the time they were developed to do it.

So, it can be a difficult time for you deciding what to use on your project.

Some things will be a given, taken for granted, others will need to be sourced and decided upon. You can seek opinion from your team, peers or even management about wwhat you should use or what approach you could take. But, as the person tasked with delivering the project, it should ultimately be your decision as to what you go with.

The main thing is to use the right tools for the job. If you’re thinking of adopting a new methodology, it makes sense to read up on it first and then decide if it would be suitable for your project. It’s a big internet out there, there’s lots of people willing to share their experience or opinion about just about anything.

Just because it’s new doesn’t make it good. Similarly, just because it’s been around for a while doesn’t make it any less relevant today.

What you have to do is balance up the options of the team’s experience in the tools/methods the changes in process, the risk of introducing something different.

Use the right thing for the right job, and your life will be significantly less complicated.

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