F is for… Fun

Remember this. Write it on a piece of paper if you have to. No one you
work with is independently wealthy and comes into work just because
they love it. And, even if they are, they still do it for more glory,
not relaxation. None of us are charities, we work to earn money, simple
as that. And we spend a lot of our lives doing it.

Therefore, enjoying our work as we go is very important. Sure, it
helps with retention, churn, yada, yada. But you should consider it on
a more human level. If people are, by virtue of necessity, stuck with
working for most of their natural lives, surely everyone has a
resposibility to make it as enjoyable as possible. This is suggesting
that we enter the Brent-ian nightmare of “entertainer first, manager
second”, it is simply to say that it is incumbent on every manager to
create an environment that people want to work in, to get out of bed

Obviously, your standard arse believes that maximum productivity comes
with the intense silence of the monk in a scriptorium. Their fear
forces them to believe that any time not working is wasted time. This
is very far how it should be. There is never a time when a bit of
laughter can’t improve things. A relaxed mind is a clear mind.

A good manager is one that creates the environment in which their
people can work at their best. There is many aspects to this, but
having fun is the central tenet of them all.

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