F is for… Fear

Its something that almost all text books won’t mention but is to blame for more mistakes that almost anything else. As we have already established, most people working in IT are not very good at it and, those that know they are out of their depth, are typically either paralysed or hamstrung by fear. Decisions made in the context of fear are almost always bad ones. Conversely, a good way to spot a Good Guy is see that someone has no fear in any situation.

Fear does very strange things to arses. It has a tendency to make them avoid the truth and to concoct and intricate web of nonsense that they believe sounds more plausible. It also makes them very tetchy and have a strong tendency to snap at people for no reason. Almost always this is because people want to avoid a kicking and are not understand the basic rules of damage limitation.

Sometimes the only thing that stops an Arse being a Good Guy is their ability to handle their fear. Often they are intelligent, decent people who, through lack of bottle alone, make an arse of things. If you are not scared, you are thinking clearly, so always take fear out of the equation.

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