E is for… Echo

It’s never nice to see someone struggle. But as we know, people who are struggling tend not to stay as quiet as they should. Not being able to contribute is one thing, but using up air-time for the sake of an apparent contribution is frankly a pain.

Another facet of the Competency Mask is the Echo. Someone explains something and then the arse in question says pretty much the same thing again with perhaps only a slight change in wording or emphass. In the worst cases, the repitition is near to verbatim.

This obviously wastes time, but what is more galling is that the repitition is done with no shame, with aplomb perhaps “look at me, don’t I sound clever“.

No, you don’t, you’re an arse. You gave it away with that echo. If you get a chance say “is there an echo in here” immediately after. They won’t know what you mean but it will make you feel better. Others may snigger.

You’ll hear these echo people all the time. Take note of them, it’s as good a giveaway as a big badge with ‘useless’ on it.

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