D is for… Directing Traffic

On a recent trip to India*, I observed a strange phenomenon that has a parallel with pointless Project Managers. I saw a great number of people, mainly in uniforms, whose sole function seemed to be to wave people in the direction they were going anyway.

This was particularly prevalent in the airport, but was also seen a lot with traffic on the street. You could argue that there was job was to be there in case of incident, but it merely looked liked the were waving their arms to give the appearance of adding value to the situation.

You get a lot of Project Managers like that. Watch out for them. They have no input of their own so, instead, they give the appearance that they are giving direction but, in reality, they are only waving people in the direction they were going anyway.

Agreeing with other people’s decisions, sending out emails saying “Yes, I agree, do that.”, is not managing, its just waving people towards a door that is already clearly sign-posted. Don’t do it. You look like a fool.

* I’m not suggesting this only happends in India, its just where I saw it and had the thought.

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