D is for… Dambuster

You will invariably find, as you go about your trade, many people who will try to put obstacles in your way. You know the sort, those workshy fops that will try to hide behind process, officialdom and “You’ll need to raise a request before I can look at that” or “I can’t do anything about that without a signoff from network security”.

This can slow your project down considerably, especially when you encounter a cluster of process junkies all quoting form numbers and obscure request systems. You can quickly end up being flipped around form department to department like a pinball, especially if you have the audacity to suggest to them, “go on, bend the process just this once”, or worse, “just feckin’ do it!”.

Most red tape is black and white
Most red tape is black and white

Make it your business to understand all of the methods of request, the times to use them and have all the tools installed to allow you to do it. Make contact with the people who are approvers for the various things you will need, eg. security, networks, telephony, sys admin, DBA’s etc.

Then you can use your dambuster skills to quickly and easily break through those process log-jams and achieve what you need with the minimum of disruption to your project.

So, the next time some wastrel of a jobsworth says, “You’ll need to raise form C2634 in triplicate and have the yellow copy signed off by a purple unicorn”, you can be back at his desk 30 seconds later, smiling as you hand it over and say, “So when will it be done?”.

Of course a good-guy would never use process to slow down or prevent progress elsewhere, even for fun. Well, not to another good-guy anyway.

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