C is for… Consultant

It’s no accident that a simple transposition turns this particular species into conslutant. Consultants are in it for the money; and the bigger the company providing the consultancy, the bigger the money.

We have a healthy disrespect of consultants. Many of the big consultancies give this job title to their most junior staff. They then send them out to companies to advise them

Be careful when your company ‘calls in the consultants’. It can mean one of a number of things:

  • They are genuinely clueless as to what to do and need someone to point them in the right direction.If this is the case, why don’t they have a clue – it’s their business after all.
  • You have a board member that has a vested interest (see ‘Vested-Interest’) in the proposed consultancy company.In this case, they are spending your company’s money and boosting their position on various boards.
  • They have no confidence in their workforce.In this case, what does that say about you

Advice? Interview your would-be consultants as if you were going to recruit them for your own company. Many companies either don’t realise or forget that you can knock-back individuals from your consultancy firm. In this way you can avoid having a bunch of numptys running the show in your area.

If you don’t have the authority to make the decision on whether the allocated ‘consultant’ should be retained or not, don’t worry. Interview them anyway, then you can label them as competent.

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