B is for… Butterfly

The basic rules of prioritisation tell you what is important, what you should do next, what is really important to concentrate on. The butterfly doesn’t follow these rules. They flit from flower to flower on a whim. Quite like the flip-flop, this change of direction can often be as a result of a conversation but it just as easily be something random or forgetful in the nature. Sometimes butterflies just aren’t very organised. The combination of a flip-flip with a butterfly can be a dizzying journey through madness.

Butterflies often follow what they perceive to be important. This can often be what they think will bring them the greatest glory, the topic du jour of senior management, something that will make them sound clever. But usually its just the last thing to pop into their head.

There isn’t that much positive to say about the butterfly other than: if they are chasing you for something that you haven’t done yet, it usually very easy to distract them with something bright and colourful. Like maybe a new pen.

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