B is for… Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a very real place for projects, and probably the most precarious location on the high-seas of Software Delivery. Many projects, large and small have perished there – make it your business to ensure your project does not suffer this fate.

There are three main factors affecting your ability to deliver your project:

  • Timescale – how long have you got (phases, go-live, drop-dead date)?
  • Resources – what do you have available to you (people, money, kit, etc.)?
  • Scope – what do you need to deliver?

Consider these factors as three points on a clockface, at 12 O’clock, 4 O’clock and 8 O’clock respectively. Draw lines between the points. Now, the area enclosed by this triangle represents the capacity of your project to deliver; your project’s Bermuda Triangle.

The important thing about this triangle is that if any one of your three factors ‘worsens’, the metaphorical area enclosed by the triangle does not change. This means it will put strain on one or both of the other two factors, eg. if the timescale increases, it is likely you will need more resources and therefore costs more, if the scope increased, it is likely to have an effect on cost and/or timescale.

You need to be aware of any likely changes in the parameters of your project and be swift to act accordingly. If you’re not all over this, your project could very quickly sink without trace.

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