A is for… Avoidance of Failure

The best way to avoid a project management disaster is not to get involved in the project at all. Learn to see the Turkeys coming and duck them with vigour. Do all you can to ensure that those projects are assigned to your less capable friends (see the test under Arses). This is not as unfair as it sounds. Given that they probably can’t deliver any project, giving them the undeliverable to deliver at least gives them a viable excuse for failure.

Here’s a few tips for spotting the ones to avoid:

  • If the salesman can’t immediately answer the question “What exactly did you sell?” ( see the entry under it ).
  • If the technical architect says ‘no, no, we don’t need a proof of concept, it’ll all work, I’ve read a whitepaper’
  • If you’re general manager says ‘we’re going to deliver this one from India’.
  • If you get introduced to the team with the words ‘Yes, they’ve been doing mainly mainframe work but they are going on re-training next week’

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