A is for… Arses

This is probably the most galling fact of all. You work in I.T. You have a right to expect that you share your working life with well-educated, well-trained, competent individuals. This is why you feel alone. This is why you get frustrated. What will free you from this hell is if you just accept that probably as many as 85% of all people working in IT aren’t very good at it.

Project Managers, great aren't they?

In fact, brace yourself, Project Management is probably the most guilty discipline of all. Think about it. How many people have you met he have stumbled into Project Management solely because they weren’t actually any good at anything else and specifically because the role of Project Administrator is very often confused with Project Manager. Collection of timesheets does not a Project Manager make.

Try this test. Give one of your so-called Project Management colleagues this book and if they say things like “That’s terrible” or “Very funny, lucky it’s not actually like that” make a mental label of “Arse” for them in your head.

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  1. I think you are being grossly unfair ….. 85% …… its way more than that! Plus just lumping everyone into one category does do justice to the vast array of arses that are out there ….
    The faciltating arse – so how do you feel about that?
    The repeating arse – I would just like to add
    The synergetic arse – I really can see so much scope for synergy
    The sales arse – yeah we can supply “that” – tomorrow for 200K
    The consultancy arse – Our experience really is worth 3 times that of anyone else.

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