D is for… Dunning Kruger*

This one is an official, scientific observation. But it’s so good, it merits a mention here. The premise is pretty straight-forward. But, we’re going to paraphrase here, so check the Wikipedia definition if you want the science bit. Intelligent people are clever enough to understand they are fallible and may sometimes get it wrong; they can doubt themselves… Continue reading D is for… Dunning Kruger*

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K is for… Keep pushing

Managing a software delivery project, as you may have already found from reading this guide, leaves no scope for complacency. You need to keep you wits about you at all times. There will be times where everything seems to be going right; your team are on target, the customer is onboard, the budget is on… Continue reading K is for… Keep pushing

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U is for… Upscope

As an aternative to the Scoping Sword, there is another technique that can be used to protentially bring benefit to you as a Project Manager or your project, it’s called Upscoping. Upscoping is a method whereby you actually expand the scope of your project to take in additional deliverables, functions, teams or even other projects.… Continue reading U is for… Upscope

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S is for… Slow Play

One of the more advanced techniques covered in the A-Z, Slow Play is all about avoiding doing something you really don’t want to do. The term originates from the land of Poker, but can be applied to software delivery too. The technique centres around giving the impression you are doing a particular thing but taking… Continue reading S is for… Slow Play

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W is for… Wing it

This is the bit that really gets the adrenaline flowing. When you have to think on your feet and wing-it in the face of adversity. You can plan all you want and dry-run all you want. When push comes to shove and you have to stand up in front of your boss, or the customer,… Continue reading W is for… Wing it

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L is for… Lab Rat

The Lab Rat is the team member that scurries around from location to location looking for morsels of cheese. Sorry, information. You’ll find them hanging out at the desks of their pals, next to the coffee machine, or out at the smoking area, even when they don’t smoke. They’re not really that keen in doing… Continue reading L is for… Lab Rat

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Y is for… (Are we there) Yet

Everyone knows what it’s like when you take a five-year-old for a journey in the car. After about five minutes of the drive, they will quietly ask, “Are we there yet?”. At this point, you’re fresh and your patience is intact and, in a rational manner, you will be delighted to calmly explain to your… Continue reading Y is for… (Are we there) Yet

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Z is for… Zebra

An older, wiser man than us once said, “If you hear the sound of hooves, you should shout ‘Horse’, not ‘Zebra’”. It’s a perfect example of suggesting you should perhaps jump to the obvious conclusion first. This also applies to the times you’re trying to solve a problem, particularly a technical problem. Start off by… Continue reading Z is for… Zebra

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J is for… Jenga

Projects can be precarious things. It’s a delicate balance of resources, requirements and time. If you keep it all under control, things can go swimmingly, but the slightest knock can bring it all crashing down around your ears. A bit like a game of Jenga™. As Project Manager, it’s your job to oversee this particular… Continue reading J is for… Jenga

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